Q: We’ve perused every photo on your website and we are in love with your photography! What’s the next step in acquiring your services to photograph our upcoming wedding?
A: The best thing you can do at this point is to contact me via email. Additionally, once I receive your initial email, I would be happy to set up a date and time for us to speak on the phone. I feel that wedding photography is very relationship based, and starting off on the right path with a happy, open, and candid conversation makes things easy and inviting. On the phone we can discuss things in more detail, such as packages, prices, schedule of the day, and travel, among other things. Click here to email me.

Q: How many hours do your packages include?
A: A full day of coverage includes up-to 11 hours of employment, which includes up-to 3 hours round trip travel time, and up-to 8 hours of photographing. There are discounted rates for weddings that have 50 or fewer guests, or weddings which include only up to 4 hours of photographing. Overtime, overnight, destination, and travel rates may vary depending on a handful of variables which can be discussed via email, over the phone, or in-person when we meet.

Q: What are your rates for photographing a wedding? Do you have packages?
A: My rates for wedding photography can vary anywhere from $1,500 to $7,000+ and this is quite the range! Some packages include wedding albums and some do not. Everyone’s wishes and desires are different, so I have designed a menu of options to select from as well as several packages to meet each couple’s needs.Answering some basic questions in an email or on the phone will help me provide you with a quote for your Wedding Day. Here’s some questions I will have for you: Where are you getting married? Paris, New York, Vermont, California, Florida, etc.? How many guests are you planning on entertaining? At what time does your wedding begin and end? Are you looking for a full day of documentary coverage (8+ hours) or perhaps a shorter time commitment (3 or 4 hours)? Are you interested in having two photographers at your wedding? Is it your desire to have your photographer design and create a finished wedding album(s) for you and/or your parents? Would you like printed photos, digital photos on a flash drive, or both? Would you like Hi-Res files, Low-Res files, or both?, And for passing along gratitude: Whom may I thank for referring you to me?

Q: It seems you have locations in both New York and Vermont. What if we wish to see you and your work in person?
A: I would be happy to meet with you in person! Once we connect over email or speak on the phone, we can determine the best date and time for scheduling a meeting. Sometimes I am at my place in Vermont, and other times I am at my place in New York. Since I am back and forth between both locations, it should be quite easy to set up a convenient meeting. Simply ask and we’ll make it happen, ok!

Q: How long have you been photographing weddings?
A: I have been photographing weddings since 1994. I have had the pleasure to document several hundred weddings in my life so far and have over 20 portfolios, with thousands of images to look through to better familiarize you with my artistic style and creative aesthetic.

Q: How many photos do you take at a wedding?
A: On average, I deliver about 80 pictures/hour. 8 hours of photographing = 640+ pictures. If printed photos are what you love, it’s no problem! When you order Color and B+W 4×6 prints, they’re yours to keep forever!

Q: Do we get to keep the printed proofs (the 4×6 prints)? Do the proofs have watermarks on them?
A: You DO get to keep ALL of your color and B+W printed 4×6 proofs. When you order 4×6 color and B+W prints along with your wedding package, the photos will not be watermarked in any way. They come in attractive, custom-made, A. Perry Heller Photography photo boxes. They are beautiful and ready for showing off. Protect your printed photos in an album, frame and hang them, or simply stick your favorite ones up on the fridge!

Q: Will my wedding photos be featured online so that all of my guests can see them, too?
A: Yes. All wedding packages come with a complimentary online gallery that features all of your wedding images. Friends and family have the freedom to view all of your lovely images on the internet no matter where they are located.

Q: Do you take pictures in Color, B+W, or both? and How do you decide when to use Color and when to use B+W?
A: I photograph in BOTH Color and B+W. As an artist, deciding whether color or B+W is best for a given situation, is a skill that I’ve developed with experience. Though I am used to making these creative decisions myself, I am always open to your thoughts and ideas as well.

Q: What can I do with a disk of Low-Resolution photos on it? Can I make prints from Low-Resolution (AKA Web-Resolution) files?
A: You’ll love the Low-Res files of your photos since they are beautifully sharp, yet amazingly compact files which make them super easy to email to people. These files are not only great for emailing, but are perfect for placing on your smartphone or tablet, or posting them on facebook or other social media sites. Low-Res files are included complimentary for all Brides and Grooms. However, Low-Res files are not big enough to produce sharp, high quality prints from. If you are looking to make your own prints, you’ll love the Hi-Res files.

Q: If you photograph our wedding, do we get to keep the Hi-Res (High Resolution) digital files?
A: Great question. Some packages come standard with the Hi-Res files, while other packages make it available as an a-la-carte add-on feature. An investment in the Hi-Res digital files gives you the freedom to make unlimited enlargements for friends, family, and for personal use. Owning the Hi-Res files is like owning your photographer’s negatives. With these files, you can upload your images to your favorite internet based print house (shutterfly, snapfish, etc.) and make as many prints of any size you desire. Online, you can even create your own design-it-yourself coffee-table books!

Q: If the photos come on a DVD, does that mean they are a movie?
A: DVDs are simply the storage media for holding large amounts of data. DVD does not necessarily mean that a movie is on the disk. For storage, a DVD is just like a CD, but it holds about 6 times as much information as a CD can. If there are ALOT of photos, it is much more convenient to store them onto one DVD rather than six CDs! Even better than a DVD is a Flash Drive. If your package comes with Hi-Res digital files, they will likely be delivered to you on a Flash Drive.

Q: What kind of cameras do you use?
A: For those tech savvy customers who are overflowing with curiosity, I photograph using Canon Full-Frame DSLRs. I use quite the array of lenses for creating different effects. In the end, though, it’s the artist who makes the art, not the machine, though it sure is nice to have an awesome hi-res camera!

Q: What is your experience with photographing at our wedding’s location? How do we know the photos will come out great if you’ve never shot here before?
A: This is one of my favorite questions. If you take a look through my portfolios and images on this website, you may be surprised to know that most of these images were created in locations and in spaces that I have never photographed in before!!! This is what I do BEST! I am a professional photographer. My job is to create amazingly beautiful photographs regardless of location, time of day, sunny or cloudy skies, 25 or 1000 guests, or new or familiar locations. I bring enough equipment, know-how, and experience to handle all variables and situations. You are investing in an artist who is proud of his work and who his clients love and recommend again and again for these very reasons. Please feel free to browse the applause section for glowing feedback from previous couples. They say it better than me!

Q: I understand that you sometimes bring an assistant along to weddings. Does your assistant take pictures, too?
A: While all of my assistants are photographers, too, their primary responsibilities on your wedding day are handing off different cameras and lenses to me, downloading memory cards, organizing requested photographs, and assisting with the beautiful lighting that gives my photographs their signature photo-documentary style. This way, I can concentrate my creative energy into capturing all of your spontaneous and once-in-a-lifetime moments. Sometimes, I will offer my assistant the opportunity to take some photos along side me, like my mentors did for me when I was the assistant, and occasionally, their photos do turn out to be quite beautiful! In these cases it’s a win-win for everyone! However, if you are interested in having an additional PROFESSIONAL photographer present at your wedding, this can easily be added to your package. Prices vary from $500-$2000 depending on a handful of variables like hours of photographing, experience of photographer, travel time, overnight stays, etc.

Q: Do I need to have two photographers at my wedding?
A: The phenomenon of having two photographers at a wedding is a relatively new one, and “more” doesn’t always translate into “better”. Two photographers can be several things: a luxury, a necessity, a distraction, or simply put, overkill. At smaller, more intimate weddings, two photographers can sometimes be a hindrance. As documentarians, we desire to stay inconspicuous and unnoticed. We don’t want your family and friends to be paying attention to the photographers, we want your guests to be watching you and enjoying your amazing celebration! As you shop around for your wedding day documentarian, you’ll begin to notice that every photographer claims to be “unobtrusive, candid, photojournalistic, artistic, etc” so on and so forth. Can this be true of every single photographer? Not likely. Is it true about me? It is! My feedback speaks for itself. See my applause section for compliments on my work and presence.
On the flip side, at larger weddings (150+ guests), where so many things are happening at multiple locations all at the same time, having two photographers can be a wonderfully practical, and wise investment. For weddings like these, I am always accompanied by another equally professional photographer. A second photographer need not be present for the whole event, though. Sometimes the second shooter may serve best for a limited time span, when and where they are needed most.
After embracing all of the day’s details, we can discuss together, the benefits/detriments of having two photographers at your wedding. Then we can move forward with confidence that all of your photography needs are met professionally and respectfully.

Q: What types of Wedding Albums do you have available?
A: Wedding Albums come in many varieties, and all come with Complimentary Personalized Cover Imprinting. Currently I offer the following types of Albums:
1. Digitally Designed Flush Mounted Albums. These albums, available in nearly any size imaginable, are digitally designed by yours truly and feature flush mounted composites of photographs of your special day. The virtually unnoticeable 1/16″ gutter of this album makes it an ideal way to present panoramic images and composites that span two sides. You can put as many images on one page as you desire and layout and design is unlimited due to the flexible nature of custom digital layouts.
2. Hard Cover Coffee Table Books. These books offer the same design elements as the Digitally Designed Flush Mounted Albums, but are published in a BOOK format instead of the traditional Wedding Album format. Due to their affordable price point, couples often invest in several copies of these, to gift to their parents or other close relatives.
3. Parent Albums: 8×8 Coffee-Table Style Albums. Each Parent Album comes with your choice of either 30 or 40 photos mounted in a leather, flush mounted album. This album features one photo/side.
Before completing your Wedding Albums or Coffee Table Books, a preview of your albums will be made available online for viewing, reviewing, and editing to create the perfectly designed masterpiece of your Wedding day. To preview previously designed Wedding Albums, feel free to click the link for online albums.

Q: I was at a friend’s wedding recently and the photographer had a display set up in the reception playing a slideshow of photos he had taken earlier that same day. This was so awesome! Can you provide a service like this, too?
A: This is a service I am proud to offer and my customers love it! It can be easily added to any existing package for a small additional charge.

Q: One of the things I really like about your work is your candid and photojournalistic style, but family portraits are also important for us (and especially for our parents). Do you also take the more “traditional” formal style portraits?
A: Yes. At most weddings, 30-60 minutes are set aside to take these photographs. Before your wedding day, we’ll have the opportunity to discuss which pictures are most important for you, as well as the locations and times you prefer to have these pictures taken. At the wedding, you can count on me to joyfully direct everyone to where they should be and when they should be there, so that everybody is happy and smiling in their photos!

Q: Do you take table pictures?
A: Table pictures are available upon request. For larger weddings (150+ guests), it can sometimes be challenging for one photographer to photograph every table. Due to the nature of weddings, people often leave their tables and sometimes do not return for long periods of time. If you do request table photographs, every effort will be made to achieve perfection with these requested photographs. If table pictures are very important for you, and your wedding has more than 150 guests, it would be most advantageous to add an additional photographer to your package. In an effort to lessen the inconvenience that table pictures may cause your guests, these photos are usually taken during a salad course, or when dinner is just beginning.

Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes. I am fully insured, as is my equipment. If your planner or caterer requires documentation or proof of insurance, those documents can be easily emailed or faxed to them upon request.

Q: What if you get sick or come down with the flu on our wedding date?
A: I like to answer this question with a funny question in return: What if YOU get sick on your own wedding day? Chances are likely you’ll be showing up even if you come down with a cold! Well, the same is true for me. I am committed to my work and love what I do. I’d have to be in a wheelchair to even consider canceling a shoot, and even then, I’d still probably try to shoot sitting down while my assistant pushed me around. But seriously, if I am feeling ill, then I’ll take some Tylenol and then take beautiful photographs of your wedding day. If, God forbid, something more serious happened, like, I got run over by a bus and am stuck in the hospital with two broken legs, one of the several other Wedding Photographers with whom I work with regularly will be called upon to take my place. In my nearly 20+ years of photographing this has never happened. Whew!

Q: What if I have more questions that have not been addressed in this wonderfully informative FAQ section?
A: Feel free to contact me via email or phone, and all of your questions can be answered thoroughly and succinctly. All messages are sincerely replied to within 24 hours.