August 25, 2015

Perry is the best! I worked with him in the past at my clients weddings and I knew that when it came time for my wedding he would be my first phone call – and he was! I told him right away to keep close to the phone for when I finally booked my wedding date. Perry is not your typical wedding photographer. He isn’t obnoxious and in the way during the wedding. He is in the background and gets EVERY photo you ask him to. He was more organized than I was leading up to the day. He has his clients complete a form which describes the type of event and basic details. Two months before your wedding (or maybe it was 3) he sends you another form which goes over a list of pictures you want to have taken at your wedding. NONE OF MY VENDORS reached out to me with the exception of Perry. He creates his own schedule and check list based on your conversation and he schedules a conference call with you to review the photo schedule. He asks questions about the wedding which gives you an opportunity to think about the details you would like to incorporate. He is very approachable and responds quickly. He is responsible. He is worth every dollar spent and is SUPER easy to get along with. He is fun, outgoing, and quiet/shy at the same time. He has a fantastic eye for details and I am mezmorized by my proofs. Out of almost 1500 pictures, it will be hard to narrow it down to only the best for my final album. Perry is one of a kind and really talented. He doesn’t post images of you on his blog – he respects his client’s privacy and password protects your special day. He is more than just my wedding photographer, he is a great friend.


December 19, 2014

Dear Perry,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the stunning wedding album. Mark and I are in awe — we just love it so much. It arrived in time for us to show both our families at Thanksgiving and no one could stop talking about how beautiful the photographs are and how exquisite the album is!

I cannot thank you enough for being part of our Big Day and for capturing everything so beautifully. Looking at the album truly feels like reliving all the special moments.

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving and have a wonderful holiday season.


Katie and Mark

November 15, 2014

Hi Perry,

Thank you again for everything, Marc has been out of town… and I was going to wait for him to get back to look at all the pictures with me but I just could not wait. They look UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING!!! Thank you SO much!



September 30, 2014

Dear Perry,

Thank you for taking THE MOST AMAZING photos during our wedding weekend on Block Island! We could not have been happier with how you documented our special weekend! We are thrilled and so happy with all of them! We have sent them to everyone who was at the wedding and to those who could not attend and the response is unanimous…you did a fabulous job! You caught all of the most important moments and got so many of the guests!

Thank you thank you thank you for doing such an excellent job! I will definitely be spreading the word about you to all of our friends and family! It was an absolute pleasure meeting and working with you and Ramon! Thank you so much! The photos are AMAZING!


Tina and Bard

May 30, 2014

Dear Perry,

Thank you so much for documenting our wedding day so beautifully. You were great to work with throughout the whole process and especially on the wedding day. We are thrilled with you and your assistant Ramon, and know that the best is still yet to come with the proofs, prints, and album!


Katie and Mark

March 22, 2013

Dear Perry,

I received a very special package in the mail and just wanted to let you know how amazingly gorgeous my album is!!!

Thank you thank you thank you for doing such an excellent job! I will definitely be spreading the word about you to all of our friends and family! It was an absolute pleasure meeting and working with you and Ramon! Thank you so much! The photos are AMAZING!

Usually when we ladies at Ann Taylor Loft have packages delivered, it’s usually shoes or clothing or the occasional baby related doo-dad. Like hawks, we all crowd around and force the package recipient to open it up and try it on, if applicable…fun times!

So, that being said, when my package arrived Friday afternoon, you can imagine the volume level of my workmates squealing when I told them it was my wedding album! Everyone was in total awe (not to mention myself) of the lovely album, the stunning photos and the seamless layout. I was so proud!

Perry, the album you created for us is the exact album I hoped for when looking back years from now, being able to revisit the joy and celebration that not only we experienced, but you wholly captured. I don’t know what else to say except thank you for such an amazing gift, because, really, that’s what it is.

On another note, my sister sent me a gift last week. It was a wrapped copy of the March issue of Town and Country magazine. Turns out she sneakily submitted a wedding photo and it made it into the weddings section! She described it to be a very intense submission process, but nonetheless, there is a beautiful, and credited of course, picture in Town and Country!

Thank you again for everything, Perry

All the Best,

Laura and William (and Minnie RUFF!)

February 06, 2013

Dear Perry,

We got the album and it looks GREAT! We LOVE it. Thanks for all that you have done and we really enjoyed working with you. Now all we really have to say is that it is all over since you were my last wedding contact. So sad. Well, thanks again and please do keep in touch.

Best wishes and thank you again,

Sydney and William

February 04, 2013

Hi Perry,

We received the album this weekend and we absolutely LOVE it! It is exactly what we wanted! We have not stopped looking at it and showing it to everyone and anyone that stops by. You are soooo awesome and you were such a pleasure to work with throughout the whole wedding process! I appreciate all of your hard work and amazing artistry in capturing our BIG DAY in pictures! I can’t wait for more of my friends to get engaged so I can pass along your awesome name. Thanks!


Jackie and Anthony

November 10, 2012

Dear favorite photographer whose name begins with “you are” and ends with “so friggen amazing”,

Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow. Perry, I love them. I even (and somehow especially) love the ones with ME in them. That’s huge. Hugemongous really. I know I tried to tell you how much I hate pictures when we first met, and I know you told me not to worry, everyone says that, and that somehow it always seems to work out in the end; but what you didn’t say is “that’s because I’m a freaking magician and a genius and amazing and you will find yourself wishing every single day you could be photographed by A. Perry Heller for the rest of your life”.

You didn’t say that because you are fabulous and humble and hilarious, so I’ll just say it for you.

Perry, these photos are really great! They are really great despite all the things that apparently went wrong with the wedding that I had no clue of until weeks later. They’re really great even though I always thought I’d have an outdoor party. They’re really great with absolutely no qualifiers at all. We love the B+W photos, and especially adore the color photos. You have the best eye for color!

So anyway, this is my gushing email to you to tell you officially and for the record, that I am flabbergasted and amazed and so happy. I have, of course, questions about albums and all of that, but because you like us to, I’m going to call you on the telephone with those questions instead. Right after I look through my enormous proof albums for the four hundredth time.



November 05, 2012

Dear Perry,

Thank you so much. I adore the wedding pictures. We love them. Every single one of us thinks they are absolutely fabulous!

Ellen, Mother of the Groom

November 1, 2012

Dear Perry,

Please forgive me for taking so long to write and thank you. You were absolutely wonderful! You were such a joy to have around. Thank you for your patience, your reassurances, and your calm and kind manner. I am sure you put everyone as much at ease as you did Stephanie and I. Your assistants were also so kind and pleasant. The wedding, I thought, was wonderful and I can’t wait to see the pictures. I unfortunately, was not able to see everything, but I am assured that you captured all the important moments and the love and warmth that was in the room. Thank you for Stef and Billy’s engagement pictures, too! We were very excited to see your photo of them in the “Times”. You impressed us with your caring and consideration on that first day we met you when you made tea for me. How lucky we were that you were available to be our wedding photographer! Thank you for everything!


Susan, Mother of the Bride

March 30, 2012

Dear Perry,

Matt and I and both of our parents were thrilled with our wedding albums. They turned out beautifully and we are so happy we chose you as our photographer. Thanks for everything.


March 15, 2012

Dear Perry,

You are definitely the best I have ever seen in the photography field. It was a pleasure knowing you and working with you. I wish I had another daughter whose wedding you could photograph!

Barry, Father of the Bride

December 24, 2011

Dear Perry,

What a great Christmas present– the album is more beautiful than we had ever imagined. We absolutely love it and can’t thank you enough for all of your work (and an extra thank you for dropping it off in person!!!). You have been so wonderful to us. Thank you. Best wishes for the holiday season and happy 2009!


Betsy and Andy

November 14, 2011

Hi Perry,

Our album is amazing! Looking through it made me so excited.

We’ve shown the album to both sets of our parents. They love it and are so excited as well and are both going to want to make their own albums, too!

We cannot thank you enough!!!


Ariel and Peter

October 28, 2010

Dearest Perry,

OMG…we are SO in love with this montage of photos from our wedding day…Thank you for emailing it to us so soon after the wedding. If this is a taste of what’s to come when we receive all of the photos, we will just die!!!

luv luv luv it..we need ur skills baby in laying our wedding album out, too…you are a master!


Jenn and Andrew

October 18, 2010

Dear Perry,

We can’t even tell you how much we enjoyed the wedding album! It’s great – looking through it brings back a flood of memories. Both our families loved it as well! Thanks!

Sandi and Victor

October 10, 2010

Dear Perry,

I hope you are doing well!

I wanted to let you know, that we were at my parents house yesterday and the pictures arrived. They are amazing!!! We love them so much! I can’t thank you enough for all the amazing photos and your fabulous energy! You were BEYOND a pleasure to work with!



October 3, 2010

Hi Perry,

I know it’s been a while, but we have been touring the homes of all our friends and showing them your beautiful work. Everyone thought there were two photographers, since you were able to be in, what seemed, two places at once. Colors, composition, everything is so fantastic!

Charlie and I are so happy you were able to work with us. We are anxious to hear what’s next. But first, I wanted to share the compliments.

Thanks again,


September 28, 2010

Hello Perry,

We’ve been teeming over our photos for two days now and I can’t stop jumping up and down. You know I am quite the photographer myself, and I’m all about my fancy newfangled digital SLR, but Perry, these prints look way better than anything that’s ever come out of my digital camera and anyone else’s digital camera for that matter. I suppose it also has something to do with the fact that you’re the professional, though. Our photos are gorgeous! Jonathan and I are so grateful.

We particularly love the photos of us by the pier and at the beach – how did you get the sky to look so cool without airbrushing or photoshopping?! A true photo-master you are!

Thanks for the website of pictures. It’s really helping our parents see the all the pictures in North Carolina.

In the meantime, we’ll begin picking out our favorite 150 images (though I don’t know how we’re ever going to round it down to that, there’s just too many good ones!) and we’ll get that list to you (hopefully, fingers crossed) within a few weeks. I haven’t even begun choosing the pictures for the wedding album, and I already can’t wait to see it! You’re the best Perry!

p.s. Hey Perry, Jonathan here – Alexandria wrote this, but just wanted to let you know that I’m sitting next to her and am helping out, too. Thanks Perry. You made me look good – how’d you do that?

With all our appreciation,

Alexandria and Jonathan

September 18, 2010

Hi Perry!

I don’t think I have told you this yet – but we LOVE the pictures!!

The pictures of James and I in the park are phenomenal by the way! It will be so hard to narrow down our picks! We greatly appreciate your professionalism, your attention to detail, and your rapport with our guests as well. Thanks so much for everything.


September 3, 2010

Dear Perry,

OK, so we were finally able to sit down together and take a look at these (I’ve looked at them ALL at least five times! Slowly. — LOVE EM!) There are some CLASSIC pictures. Oh my God. Lots of good stuff captured. It’s exactly how I remembered it… just better! I meant to email you a couple weeks ago.… I finally put the photos in the proof albums (the black debossed albums are great) and each time I look at the pics, I enjoy them even more. We really appreciate your exceptional talent and feel so lucky that we scored you for our wedding. The photos are WAY WAY better than any one else’s (and not just ’cause it was MY wedding)…they are just wonderful and artistic and totally true to the feeling/tone/energy of the day. Thanks! OK, I’ll stop gushing now.

Have a great night and talk to you soon.


August 17, 2010

Dear Mr. Heller,

I do thank you so much for helping me put together this album and I know we’ll treasure it always. You really captured the “feel” of this event in our lives.

Thank you,

Pat Aldredge, Father of the Bride

August 8, 2010

Dear Perry,

I can’t stop looking at the photos!

Actually, it’s becoming a problem since I can’t seem to do anything else!! Everyone I speak with loves them and I love that they are available for viewing online. Thank you!! Lyle and I are still trying to pick out favorites – there are so many great ones to choose from!!

Many, many thanks,


July 10, 2010

Dear Perry,


Thanks Betsy

June 18, 2010

Perry Perry Perry!

You rock, man! The bestest!

Thank you so much for being here and shooting the wedding. We loved having you. I knew you would be perfect. Everyone was talking about how cool the photographer was and how “he really knows what he’s doing.” We were just thrilled with everything. We hope you had fun too and just wanted you to know how much we appreciate all of your hard work. Thanks for being a part of our day.



June 8, 2010

Dear Perry,

Just a quick note to thank you for shooting Betsy’s wedding last Sunday – we can’t wait to see the proofs! I’m sure they will be great! We were very impressed with your organization, your manner in putting everyone at ease, and diplomacy. It can’t be easy dealing with all the disparate personalities, and especially the crazed mother of the bride! So thank you for putting up with all of us and for doing such a fantastic job!

We are looking forward to seeing you again in a much more relaxed setting and enjoying all the wonderful work you have done. Thanks again!

Best regards,

Paula, Mother of the Bride

May 22, 2010

Dear Perry,

Thank you all for a strong performance this weekend. We all look forward to seeing your beautiful photos. The wedding was all we hoped it would be and we thank you for all your hard work.


May 20, 2010

Dear Perry,

Perry, it is us who owe YOU an enormous THANK YOU! We deeply appreciate your talent, patience, vision and great attitude which made our pictures, which are so important to us, such a pleasure and, we are sure, so beautiful and special. Working with you was so wonderful. You made us feel so comfortable with your warmth and desire to really capture our wedding.

Rebecca and Charles Platt

May 8, 2010

Dear Perry,


I appreciate your candor and all the hard work you’ve put into these photos. A lesser person would have taken the short cuts. I truly thank you for your attention to detail.


January 17, 2010

Dear Perry,

Thank you for your infinite patience, good humor, and thorough work on Sunday.

All the best to you and your assistant,

Judy & Matt

January 12, 2010

Good Afternoon Perry,

As Christian’s Mom, I must say I was blown away by the pictures you took of the wedding on Block Island. They are truly amazing. Thank you for such amazing memories.

Ms. T. Spinillo

December 10, 2009

Hi Perry,

I’m Costa’s Aunt from the Boston area and I LOVE the pictures of the wedding (beautiful job!!!) I was at the wedding and didn’t even realize pictures were being taken!! Just thought you’d like to know!



November 30, 2009

Hi Perry,

We spent most of the holiday showing off our beautiful wedding pictures to our families. I can’t stop looking at them! Thank you so much for so beautifully capturing everything about the day. The photos are just amazing!



November 18, 2009

Hi Perry,

First of all we are all obsessed with your photographs. You are a big hit in the motherland (Slovenia).

Thank you thank you thank you!

Andrea and Costas

November 14, 2009

Good Afternoon Perry,

Thank you! You made us feel so at ease and were never annoying!!! (aside from being nice company as well!) How lucky we are to have found you. I will most certainly have timeless and beautiful memories, and I will always know that I took the first photo… what a great thrill for me. Many thanks for that.

Please pass along our gratitude to your assistant Jennifer as well, she was a true professional and very pleasant.

Again, thank you.


June 26, 2009

Hello Perry Heller,

Both Mike and I were saying on the ride to the reception that this is most likely the one time in our lives to be photographed by a photographer of your talent and caliber. It was truly an honor! Thank you so much.


June 23, 2009

Hey Perry,


Perry, we are thrilled with the photos. You did an amazing job. Matt and I spent Father’s Day at my parents’ house going through all 1,000 of them with my family and we had so much fun reliving the wedding. You covered everything. You were a pleasure to work with on the day of the wedding. We got lots of compliments about you from our guests about how pleasant you were and how well you blended in. Also, thanks for being flexible and adding those last minute table shots. We are so happy we chose you as our wedding photographer.


Robin and Matt

April 28, 2009

Hey Perry – I have only gone through the first of 3 boxes of photos, and the pictures are already incredible!! They are just what I was looking for and I absolutely love them. You captured the entire day.… I love the black and whites and the colors as well. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Thanks so much Perry.

xoxo – Lindsey

August 5, 2008

Hi Perry,

Thanks again for everything! Our album is fabulous – it so perfectly reflects the magic of our big day. You did such a beautiful job of designing it, too! We are thrilled beyond words.


Cat & Billy

August 1, 2008

Dearest Perry,

How do we even thank you for capturing the most precious moments of our lives in your photography. Never has it been so true that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Your soul, artistry and talent have blessed us with cherished memories in photo art.

Thank you! With love,

Man + family

July 6, 2008

Dear Perry,

It was a pleasure to meet you at Catherine and Billy’s wedding at Skytop Lodge. Several people commented on your unobtrusive manner. So many photographers are “in your face”, so your quiet manner was greatly appreciated.


Sally Hollyer, Mother of the Bride

June 25, 2008

Dear Perry,

I don’t know how one person could have been in so many places at one time, but you got it all and I barely remember seeing you. You must have been invisible! Laughing, crying, dancing, all the toasts, such beautiful candids! Each picture taken at the perfect moment. Thank you so much for capturing my wedding the way it really happened, the way I remember it, the way I will always remember it.

With Love,

Kelli & Peter

November 22, 2007

Dear Perry.

I know we haven’t even seen any of the pictures that you’ve taken of our wedding yet, but we wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful job you did on the wedding day. We loved your easy going and calm presence and were happy to have you there on our special day. We can’t wait to see the photos! I think you’ve convinced us that we’re not as un-photogenic as we thought!

Liz & Aaron

November 5, 2007

Dear Perry,

The job you did on the pictures was phenomenal. It’s rare when all of us agree. You have a great deal of success ahead of you.


Mrs. Huber, Mother of the Bride

September 30, 2007


You did a fabulous job at our wedding and we are so impressed with the proofs. Everyone we have shown them to has loved your work. You are very talented. Thank you for being such a joy to work with.

Kristen and Ken Krista

February 12, 2007


Thank you so very much for helping to make our day so special and for making our memories so much more vivid through photographs.

With Love,

Daniela & Guy

September 16, 2006

Dear Perry.

Pam and I wish to take this opportunity to say that we appreciate all the hard work and extra effort you gave in the performance of your artistic profession. You strive to not only make everyone’s dreams a reality by photography, but you use the occasion in spite of the obstacles before you. The tragedy placed upon this country would have been enough for anyone to give up yet you finished the mission and for that you are greatly appreciated. Consider us your brothers in the Ole South and your status as a genuine “Southern Gentleman”!

Best Wishes,

Pam & Jim Houser

December 20, 2005

Dear Perry,

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for making our wedding memories such a treasure. Our album is beautiful and we enjoy showing it off. It is more than we could have ever expected!

Thank you again & again. With love & friendship & lots of smiles,

Kristen Rojas

August 12, 2005

Good Afternoon Perry,

To my favorite, fabulous, photographer Perry and his awesome assistant Christine.

I want to thank you both for all of the magnificent photographs you took at our wedding. It’s rare to find such good spirit and such lovely people to work with! Thank you for everything, you are amazing!


Audra & Kris