“When you love what you do, you can really showcase your creativity in a spectacular way.” A. Perry Heller

Since beginning his ascent into photography in 1994, A. Perry Heller has become one of the country’s most sought after commercial image makers.

Heller’s beginnings and transitions have no doubt been dynamic. Like most photographers who started out in the 90s, it all began in a makeshift, red-lit darkroom tucked into a corner of his parents’ basement. This high school passion soon led to exhibitions at art galleries, which then transitioned into a love for commercial, portrait, advertising, and event photography. College followed, and Heller quickly cornered the commercial photography market at Rutgers University, becoming a very sought after portrait and wedding photographer, not only for fellow students, but also for faculty, staff, and a slew of new clients in New York City. Shortly after moving to NYC in 1999 to catch bigger fish to fry, Heller was photographing for notable commercial clients such as Elle Magazine, Martha Stewart Magazine, Christian Dior, Wine Spectator, Victoria’s Secret, and AOL Time Warner. After ten years working in New York, Heller relocated to the charming village of Hardwick, Vermont where he pursued his artistic dreams of building his own house and designing his land to satisfy his aesthetic desires and his natural need to manifest functional works of beauty all around him. At the same time, he has continued to create lasting images for his new Vermont based clients such as: Caledonia Spirits, Urban Moonshine, the Vermont Economic Development Authority (VEDA), Eden Ice Cider, Pete’s Greens, and The Vermont Cedar Chair Company.

By perusing his online galleries, it’s easy to see that Heller loves photographing products, portraits, weddings, and everything else that requires an attention to photographic mastery.

In particular regards to wedding photography, Heller’s approach is classic and timeless. Vivid colors, soft lighting, and selective focus all complement his uniquely candid approach. His ability to capture distinctively memorable images leaves a lasting emotional impact for present day viewers as well as lucky future generations of inheritors. As a photo-historical-documentarian, being able to capture amazing, once-in-a-lifetime moments in a non-obtrusive fashion is something his clients often praise him for. One bride exclaimed, “I don’t know how one person could have been in so many places at one time, but you photographed it all and I barely remember seeing you. You must have made yourself invisible! Laughing, crying, dancing, all the toasts, such beautiful candids! Each picture taken at the perfect moment. Thank you so much for capturing my wedding the way it really happened, the way I remember it, the way I will always remember it.”

Currently, A. Perry Heller, along with his faithful canine companion, Trevor (pictured above), reside in his quaint hand-built house nestled on a hillside situated across from the Mackville Pond in Hardwick, Vermont.  Simply another day in paradise.